Health Care Options for Entrepreneurs

Access to affordable health care is essential to ensuring entrepreneurs have the tools they need to be successful. Entrepreneur Works is proud to partner with Clarifi, the region’s largest personal finance nonprofit, to help Pennsylvania residents find and apply for health coverage through the Marketplace as part of their Navigator program.

The final deadline to enroll in or change a plan is January 31, 2017 (for coverage to start on March 1). Medicaid can be applied for any time throughout the year.

Free, Local Help is Available

Clarifi’s Navigators are also trained financial counselors, giving them the unique ability to help people find coverage that fits their needs and budget, all at no cost. During an appointment, Navigators can help people:

  • Find and apply for health coverage in the Marketplace and apply for Medicaid
  • See if they qualify for subsidies or financial help that can lower their costs
  • Work toward goals related to financial wellness, including building credit, saving money, and creating a budget

The Greater Need for Help to Get Covered

While many premiums are rose for 2017 coverage, subsidies are also rising to help balance out higher costs. According to new information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 71 percent of Marketplace consumers in Pennsylvania can find plans for less than $75 per month after financial assistance. Nationally, about 8 out of 10 people who enroll in health coverage through the Marketplace qualify for financial help.

Many local residents will also need to find new coverage plans as a result of two major health insurance companies leaving the Marketplace in the Philadelphia area.

“Consumers are facing new challenges with getting covered this year, which is why we strongly encourage working with trained Navigators,” says Patty Hasson, president and executive director of Clarifi. “Our Navigators can help people take advantage of all of the subsidies they qualify for and help people find a new plan if their current plan is now unavailable.”

Clarifi has Navigator appointments available in Philadelphia, Chester and Delaware Counties. To make a free appointment, visit or call 866-513-6328.

What Will Happen Under the New Administration?

The recent rhetoric in Washington has left many people wondering what will happen to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and if they’ll still have coverage in 2017.

For now, Enroll America, the healthcare coalition that supports open enrollment each year, says the ACA is intact and nothing has changed. The coverage plans that were available at the start of open enrollment are still there. Enroll America also says it’s unlikely that coverage plans will change in 2017. The message is: Go ahead and enroll.

Clarifi’s Navigator services are offered in collaboration with Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) and through Fund Opportunity Number NAV-CA-150250-01 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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