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Entrepreneur creating content while sitting at her laptop

Embracing Content Creation

Whether you consider yourself a non-designer or a non-content creator, understanding the fundamentals of content creation, including copywriting and visual design, is indispensable. Together let’s explore why small business owners, especially those in Philadelphia, should embrace these skills, and how our free workshop can transform your approach to content marketing.

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Black Business in Philly

Elevating Black Entrepreneurship: A Commitment Beyond Black History Month

Discover how Philadelphia’s vibrant community of Black small business owners enriches our economy and culture year-round, not just during Black History Month. Celebrate their resilience and innovation, and learn how supporting local Black businesses contributes to a more inclusive, thriving community. Join us in making a commitment beyond February, to uplift and support Black entrepreneurship every day.

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Small Business Grant for Philadelphia Small Businesses

Grant Money: The Ultimate Incentive

Explore the transformative power of The Incentive Grant for Philadelphia’s small business owners from underserved communities. This initiative offers up to $35,000 in matching funds, propelling growth by covering crucial business needs like working capital, inventory expansion, marketing, and technology upgrades. Dive into how this grant can unlock potential and foster business success, supporting entrepreneurs in their journey towards sustainable growth.

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