The first step in the loan application process

The pre-qualification process gives us basic information about your business and your goals. It is quick, easy, and doesn’t require collecting any financial paperwork. Your responses help us determine how we can best support you and your business growth.

Pre-Qualification Form


Pre-Qualification is the initial step in the lending process that allows Entrepreneur Works to capture information about the applicant and their business. This less rigorous step helps us to evaluate one’s loan-readiness.

Applicants who pre-qualify are those who appear to demonstrate the capacity to repay the loan, have a history of managing credit and have a viable business model.
Getting pre-qualified allows us to quickly review your answers from the questionnaire prior to completing a full credit assessment. This step may save you both time and money.
No, it does not. We ask that you provide an estimate of your credit score only. Your credit report is only accessed when you go through the full credit assessment.
Pre-qualification allows Entrepreneur Works to quickly evaluate if lending is a potential option for you and your business. Pre-Approvals occur after the underwriting of your full credit application is complete. This includes a thorough review of the application, all requested financial documents and a pulling of your credit report/score.

You do not need a business plan to fill out the pre-qualification questionnaire. However, start-up businesses (12 months or less) are required to provide a business plan if they intend to submit a full credit application. We highly suggest that they complete their business plan prior to submitting the pre-qualification form. A business plan is not required for existing businesses generating revenue greater than 12 months. Wondering how to write a business plan? Download our free business plan tempate.