Join Entrepreneur Works’ Director of Entrepreneur Services, Earl Boyd, for the 5Step Business Start


5Step Business Start® simplifies the process of starting a business.

It is a straightforward, easy to implement, and proven system that anyone, even with no previous business experience, can understand and implement and launch a business.

Below are the 5 Steps to startup business success we’ve identified.

  1. Define It – Articulating your idea in business terms.
  2. Research It – Is there a market willing to pay for your product or service?
  3. Plan It – How will you market your business, how will you structure your business and where will the money come from to run your business?
  4. Stage It – Sole proprietorship, LLC, or Incorporation; which is best for your business? Should you lease space or buy?
  5. Start It – Final considerations as you launch your business.

The system is organized in a step-by-step logical progression, and easy to understand online training course.

When: Orientation – Thursday, November 5th

             Class- Tuesdays, November 10th- December 10,, 2020

Time: 6:30PM-7:30PM