Pretty Pretty Rebel


Philadelphia, PA


Pretty Pretty Rebel

Leah Delfiner has been making her own clothes since she was 16 years old. She was a part of the Young Artist Workshop program at Moore College of Art and Design when she was in high school and her love for designing clothes grew from there. She attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and during her time there, Leah interned for local up and coming designers. After graduating, she interned for Betsey Johnson and the itch to start her own business grew.

In the beginning of 2013 Leah was accepted to the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator program with Macy’s Center City. This program helped her take her business to a whole new level. She had a studio space in Macy’s and was able to meet with other entrepreneurs and mentors to help build her brand and turn it into a sustainable business, Pretty Pretty Rebel. Leah came to Entrepreneur Works through the Macy’s Incubator program last year.

Leah has found that starting a business within the creative economy can be a challenge, but Entrepreneur Works has given her guidance and has been instrumental to the growth of her business.  Leah comes to Entrepreneur Works before making business decisions.

The biggest challenge has been getting in front of the right people at the right time. There are so many talented designers, but sometimes it only takes catching the eyes of one influential person. “Once you get that one person, a bunch of other people will come!”

When asked what her favorite part about running her own business is, Leah Delfiner says, “I am absolutely in love with what I do! I have the freedom to do that, and it makes me happy every day. I am so excited about my line and my business, and I feel it will take me so much further than I ever imagined!”

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