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Kaya Aerial Yoga

A featured photograph in the Old City District Guide, an interview on Fox29 News, and a flurry of glowing accolades on social media are but a few of Kaya Aerial Yoga’s accomplishments that co-owners Carrie Felinczack and Dan Eldridge have to be proud of. After practicing aerial yoga to cope with a painful nerve condition brought on by a car accident, Carrie has made major strides in opening her small business — a feat just as impressive.

Carrie became instructor certified in aerial yoga before she and Dan, a marketing strategist, took ownership of Kaya and continued its aerial yoga legacy. The two came to Entrepreneur Works in the spring of 2015, where they received one-on-one consulting and a loan that alleviated their stressful financial situation and allowed them to spruce up the cherished studio.

As business people who deeply care about (and empathize with) their customers’ health and well-being, Carrie and Dan sometimes need to make tough decisions about individual fitness care. Ultimately, their investment in their yoga students rewards them with the opportunity to see people’s health improve, session by session.

On a larger scale, Carrie and Dan’s small business also fosters a community for yoga students, as many remain and converse in the studio after their course ends, soaking in Kaya's “vortex of happy,” as regulars call it. With several permanent and visiting instructors, one-time workshops and anticipated kids’ classes, Kaya Aerial Yoga will continue to soothe, relax, and awaken students as it keeps garnering the positive attention it rightly deserves.

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