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Valencia Tabron is in the business of flowers. A self-taught floral designer, Tabron creates one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for her clients, tailored to special occasions, events, and holidays.

Tabron, who works full-time as a receptionist for a charter school, spends her evenings at her home studio conceptualizing and putting together floral pieces. Her inspiration comes from meeting with and talking to her clients and getting a sense of their personalities and preferences to incorporate in her arrangements. "I speak with a client to get a feel for what they like," says Tabron, "each piece speaks to each client."

Through word-of-mouth, Tabron has amassed a loyal clientele, from brides to expecting mothers to clients who have lost loved ones. Many of her customers are repeat customers. Tabron tries to stay competitive by keeping costs low--being "shop-savvy"--to maintain good prices for her clients. Her arrangements, comprised entirely of silk flowers, are economical, look like real flowers, and last forever. Tabron derives joy from creating beautiful pieces for clients who may have limited income: "With the economy the way it is, people may not be able to afford the pieces at floral shops."

(A silk flower arrangement by Valencia Tabron.)

Taking a business skills class at Entrepreneur Works gave Tabron a solid foundation on which to build her business. "Working with Entrepreneur Works has given me the confidence to be more open and communicate my business aspirations to others ... Entrepreneur Works gives you a lot of heart to do what you may not necessarily do on your own and to put those aspirations into forward movement."

In the next year or two, Tabron hopes to explore in-home tutorials and private, personal floral lessons to pass on the craft. She also hopes to establish a following in the Tri-State area. "This is my gift," says Tabron. "This is what I'm here to do."

Check out Valencia Tabron's Facebook page, email, or call Valencia Tabron at (302) 345-9903 to find out more about Just By DeZine's products and services!

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