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1919 Alter Street Philadelphia, PA 19146

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Greenstreet Coffee Co.

Chris Molieri’s Greenstreet Coffee Co. products have made their way from a local roaster location to behind café bars and inside customers’ kitchen cabinets across the Philadelphia region. With a 2012 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer and coverage on CBSPhilly, Greenstreet’s mission to produce sustainable, quality coffee hasn’t gone unnoticed, either.

After graduating from Temple University, Chris Molieri moved to Portland, Ore., in order to work for a nonprofit. While there, he noticed that the city was full of micro-roasters—small-scale businesses in which people use a more intimate, hands-on approach to roast coffee. Molieri always wanted to open a small business and he “always drank a lot of coffee,” so he seized the opportunity to bring Portland’s example to Philadelphia, where micro-roasters were lacking.

In 2011, Molieri took Entrepreneur Works’ Business Skills Course, which taught him marketing and communication skills that were essential for his business’ growth, moving forward. “Entrepreneur Works gave me more confidence, making sure I covered all my bases,” Molieri says. He also received loans from Entrepreneur Works that helped provide equipment to new clients shortly after he and brother Tom started Greenstreet Coffee Roasters that same year.

In 2014, Chris Molieri graduated from the Philadelphia 10,000 Small Businesses Program, a prestigious educational program for small business owners hosted by Goldman Sachs and taught at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Today, Chris and others have visited countries such as El Salvador to learn from citizens about the flavorful beans there. Molieri notes: “I’m not selling something just to get a commission off it… I’m selling something I actually roast and believe in.”

Greenstreet has accounts with several sellers (including Metropolitan Bakery and The Living Room Cafe) as well as the cozy Greenstreet Cafe, which you can visit at 1101 Spruce Street in Center City Philadelphia.

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