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Daddy University Inc.

Joel Austin is both a dedicated father and a successful entrepreneur, but he didn’t always have the skills he needed to tackle the challenges of parenthood.   When he first began his journey into fatherhood, Austin lacked a support group; new mom classes were prevalent and easily available, but for a new dad there seemed to be no available guidance.  As he worked through the trials and difficulties of raising kids, Austin began to recognize the need for organized male parenting education.

Joel came to Entrepreneur Works for business guidance and support in 2002, and in 2004 he opened Daddy University Inc.  As the President/C.E.O of Daddy University Inc. he uses the hard-won tips, tricks, and skills that he picked up as a father of four in order to guide and inspire other dads in need of a helping hand.  Daddy University operates with the understanding that though fatherhood is challenging and demanding, it is ultimately essential.   Fatherhood impacts and changes young lives – and in much the same way, Daddy University impacts and inspires fathers.

Joel, a proud graduate of Cheyney University, credits his family with helping him understand hard work and community involvement at a young age. These values, along with his passion for parenting, have helped Joel develop Daddy University Inc. into a go-to resource for both nervous fathers-to-be and seasoned pros alike.  The company’s website offers helpful tips, links and anecdotes for dads looking for information on a variety of subjects, including finance, housework, and discipline, and provides comprehensive support for parents on the go.

Daddy University also offers more personalized support to local fathers through fatherhood classes, youth training and teen parenting programs. While most programming serves as a great resource for fathers, many events – such as annual daddy-daughter dances – give kids an opportunity to get involved as well.  In addition to its comprehensive resources, Daddy University also offers a line of products specifically designed with a male parent in mind.  The Daddy Bag, a line of diaper bags made to accommodate the needs of dads, is the star of the product line, and is sold online alongside a wide selection of branded apparel and accessories.

With its combination of helpful hints, comprehensive classes, and dad-specific merchandise, Daddy University, Inc. provides resources to any dad in need.

"The staff at Entrepreneur Works has always been there for me, through the good and the bad.  They believe in me when others don't, support me when I feel like turning around, and cheer every time I cross the finish line." - Joel Austin, CEO of Daddy University Inc.

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