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Source:, 7/7/14

Your small business offers something unique, special, and useful. You’re sure of it.

But when you watch TV and see ads rolling for Coca Cola and Geico, you wonder how you’ll survive. If you run a more traditional business, you get freaked out when you see the Uber and Lyfts of the world turning things upside down.

Source:, 7/7/14

Would you like to make more money with your small business? Of course you would! So we’re pumped to tell you about an upcoming event that will teach you to do just that…and it’s absolutely free!

Source:, 6/30/14

The challenge facing small businesses is that they have to compete against bigger, deep-pocketed competitors when selling products and providing services to clients and customers. While they can’t match their rivals’ budget or resources, they can take advantage of tools that can raise the quality of their communication and collaboration, help them execute better and produce higher quality results.

Rising Tide Capital recently launched the Third Annual Start Something Challenge business pitch competition, which not only allows entrepreneurs to raise $10,000 in capital for their new business but also offers the opportunity to grow and market their businesses, network with their peers, and gain exposure.

Source:, 6/24/14

New technologies are released every day. For those small business owners that have shiny object syndromes (SOS), they can be hard to resist. Many are pushed to thinking that in order to have a competitive edge, they need to offer their customers the latest technology.

Source: 4/30/14

As an entrepreneur, you spend a lot of time psyching yourself out. You’re your own harshest critic.

However positive your intentions, however driven and wonderful your team, every day is not a good day. And because you’re the founder, overseeing the life of your business, those bad days can be terrifying.

Source: 6/4/14

Verizon, in conjunction with Small Business Trends, conducted a survey of Philadelphia small business owners in May of 2014. One of the questions was:

How do your customers find out about your business?

Source:, 5/12/14

Success is largely determined by an ability to play to your strengths. If you happen to be shy or introverted, don’t limit your dreams or count yourself out just because you don’t fit the traditional image of an entrepreneur. There is more than one path to success.

Source:, 5/7/14

Even with the economy on the rise, it’s general good practice to keep a check on your business costs and see if there’s any room for improvement when it comes to savings. As the old adage goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned.”

Here are a few ways you might be able to cut costs and save your small business some money in the long run.