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Source:, 4/16/14

You’ve filed your tax return and now it’s time to relax—or is it? What if you suddenly realize that you made an error? Don’t worry, the Internal Revenue Service has you covered. You can make changes by filing an amended tax return.

Here are some things the IRS wants you to know about filing an amended return.

Source:, 7/24/13

Noting when your site is outdated can sometimes be the easiest part of the website maintenance – see this post How Updating a Website Is Essential to Your Business for a few ideas. Implementing changes becomes the challenge, which sometimes means a major upgrade or redesigned site.

Source: Fox Business Small Business Center, 1/13/14

Most business owners are busy, but only some are actually high-achieving, according to a new study on U.S. entrepreneurs.

Shopify and The Huffington Post present: Build a Business!

Shopify is giving away over $500,000 in cash, prizes, and mentorship. Create an online store and sell the most for your chance to win!


Share 5 Small Business Tips for a Chance to Win $5,000!

The Company Corporation (, the nation’s leader in helping small businesses incorporate and form limited liability companies (LLCs), has announced the launch of a new contest for small business owners: “Share 5 Small Business Tips for a Chance at $5,000.” Business owners are encouraged to share five of the most important small business tips or lessons that they’ve learned in running their own business.

In celebration of SCORE's 50th Anniversary, tell them why your small business needs a makeover and how SCORE played or can play a role in helping your business thrive.

Make a short video, 30—60 seconds long, with the tools you have. There's no need for sophisticated video production. You can use your computer or phone's camera, or a basic video camera. Any type of video is allowed – talking heads, interviews, parodies, dances, animation, or your other creative ideas.

Source:, 2/10/14

You've been calling, emailing, tweeting, blogging, advertising, and faxing (tell me you're not really still faxing)—and it all seems to just disappear into the void.

Are any customers actually listening?

Most customers probably don't have an issue with physical deafness. Nonetheless, they're having trouble hearing you. Because you know who else is clamoring for their attention?