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Source: Fox Business Small Business Center, 10/25/13

When it comes to money, small-business owners walk a tightrope between personal needs and the demands of running a business.

A recent survey by Deloitte Center for Financial Services found that only 52% of business owners have a financial plan, and yet nearly nine in ten say they feel somewhat or very secure about their retirement. For the business owners who had a financial plan, almost all felt secure, with the percentage rising to 96%.

Source:, 10/24/13

Crowdfunding isn't easy. Some projects fail because there isn't a place in the market. Other campaigns fail because they aren't far enough along in product development to convince people to jump onboard. And some fail simply because they don't have enough planning or strategy in place before they launch.

Source:, 6/19/13

20 years, 10 months and 43 days ago Lorraine Gregory Corporation was formed and purchased a tiny business that prepared bulk mailings for about 40 clients. Today the company works for 1,200 businesses, institutions and organizations providing a full complement of marketing services while employing 35.

So what does it take to get to this level and beyond? Three major ingredients have led our growth. Fear, desire and courage. An interesting mix for sure. A healthy balance of each is key.

Source:, 6/7/13

Over my last two columns, I’ve discussed how not to hire a Web developer and how to build a Web site you love. But for some small businesses, there are other options — alternatives to building or refreshing a Web site.

"Sustainability", "Triple Bottom Line", "Social Venture", "Corporate Social Responsibility"... What does it all mean, and how does it impact me as a local entrepreneur and/or small business owner?

We had some of those very same questions - so we went on a mission to find out more!

To summarize what we found out:

Are you a small business owner in or near the city of Chester in Delaware County, PA?

If so, you're invited by Mayor John A. Linder to attend Chester's FIRST "Get Your Business Online" Business to Business Mixer!

Thursday, October 24th

6pm - 9pm 

Chester City Hall - (Main Lobby)

1 Fourth Street Chester, PA 19013 

Refreshments will be served.

Learn how Mayor Linder and Google can help you grow your small business.


Chase is offering $3 million to help 12 small businesses make it big! Small businesses can create an online profile, and members of the public can then show support by voting using their Facebook account. Businesses must receive at least 250 votes to be considered for a grant. Finally, expert panelists will select the 12 grant recipients from eligible businesses and announce the results in January 2014.

Small businesses must create an account, fill out a business profile and submit a questionnaire by October 31, 2013.

Source:, 2012

[This is an article I wrote for my book, Face2Face - I thought it would make a great post here, too - enjoy! DLK]

Social media has been around for over ten years. My guess is that by now, your organization is probably involved in some way with social media. Maybe you have created a Twitter or Facebook account. Maybe you even have some friends and fans on those accounts, and you share things with them when you have time.

Are you ready to hire new employees? Philadelphia Works is here to help!

If eligible, employers can receive 50% wage reimbursement for newly hired employees, up to $8,000, while you train your employees. Minimum hourly wages for full-time work (30 hours per week) are $11/hour with full benefits and $13/hour without benefits.

Source:, 6/24/13

As I wrote recently, building a great team is essential to having a great business. Your team starts with your first hire, and many new entrepreneurs bring that person on right away. A recent SurePayroll survey found 70 percent of small business owners make their first hire immediately after starting the business or within a few months.