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Source:, 9/4/14

Although summer vacation season has just about wrapped up, catching up on work after a trip is a problem that can plague employees year round. Despite your "out-of-office" reply (which you've likely contradicted throughout your vacation) and your meticulous pre-trip preparation, there's a good chance that the mountain of work waiting for you on your first day back will undo any relaxation you enjoyed while you were away.

Source:, 8/28/14

Aspiring and current small business owners are familiar with the grim survival rates of small business entrepreneurship. We hear time and again, how a large percentage of small businesses fail within a few years of founding.

Source:, 8/25/14

Building a new business but have little or zero budget to market your product? The Apprentice Asia Winner, Jonathan Yabut, gives a social media 101 to kickstart your “business” at practically zero cost.

Source:, 8/19/14

What’s the most dangerous advice to receive when you’re ready to take the leap and start your own business?

It’s the advice given in reality-TV shows and heroic entrepreneur fiction: “Quit your job, put your life savings on the line and risk it all!”

Source:, 7/18/14

As a small business, an important part of your marketing strategy should be the creation of content to share with your audience on social channels.

If this content is useful, your community will more than likely freely and gladly bookmark it, download it, and pass it along to others.

In addition to people sharing your blog posts, there are a number of other reasons blogging really matters:

Source:, 7/21/14

In the words of Winston Churchill, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts". And this couldn't be truer for founders.

Every entrepreneur strives to be successful but the sad truth is that most entrepreneurs fail. The difference between success and failure often comes down to these nine things:

Source:, 7/28/14

Most people assume that once a business fails, that's it -- it’s time for the owner to apply for a gig at someone else's company and give up their entrepreneurial dreams. But those who think about giving up aren't true entrepreneurs.

In fact, people who have the gumption to start a company are often those the least deterred by failure -- they tend to view a lack of success as a temporary downward trend necessary to reach the next upswing.

Source:, 7/7/14

Your small business offers something unique, special, and useful. You’re sure of it.

But when you watch TV and see ads rolling for Coca Cola and Geico, you wonder how you’ll survive. If you run a more traditional business, you get freaked out when you see the Uber and Lyfts of the world turning things upside down.